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  • Load capacity: 1500kg
  • Warranty: 1 year parts only
  • Best suited indoors

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The new APET15-ECO Lithium powered electric pallet truck is designed to be a light duty, lithium powered warehouse solution. It continues the concept of our -LIN range, with a smart and compact design, but with the aim of minimising the cost of manufacturing in order to offer a more economic material handling solution to end users.

The APET15-ECO continues to offer the function and solution usually provided by more high-end pallet trucks with the inclusion of CAN-bus communication, fault code display, battery discharge indicator, vertical drive, and electric lift and lower controls, to make it the perfect solution for retail, small warehouses, etc.

Includes a smart lithium battery for fast & opportunity charging, with no maintenance required.

Technical Specification

Attribute Units Value
Load centre mm 600
Load capacity kg 1500
Travel speed km/h 4.9
Ground clearance mm 25
Outer turning radius mm 1340

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