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Top 5 Reasons to Rent a Forklift

Not every job requires a permanent solution. Sometimes you just need a bit of extra help to meet demand. Renting a forklift short term is a great way to bring in a bit of extra lifting power over a short stressful period. Our customers have wanted to rent our forklifts for a variety of reasons, and you may have your own. So join us as we explore just a few of the key reasons why it may be beneficial for you to consider renting a forklift truck over purchasing one.

Free your capital

Forklifts are a big financial commitment, especially when you are looking to expand. Purchasing a forklift ties up a large sum of money that could otherwise be put to use elsewhere, whereas renting one ensures that you are paying a much smaller cost to cover the work that is needed, and offering greater flexibility for your cash flow. Since many forklift suppliers determine the cost of your rental period from the beginning, you can plan your expenses with greater freedom. Just be sure you understand what is included in your hire agreement to avoid any unexpected servicing or admin fees.

If your demand for forklifts or other lifting equipment is consistant to warrant it, you can always consider buying a more permanent solution. On the other hand, renting a forklift in the short term can save you a lot of money and is worth considering when you next have need of one. At Nexen, we also offer 5 year hire contracts that allow you to purchase your forklift at the end of the agreement. If you're looking to buy a forklift but don't want the large upfront cost associated with it, why not try this solution instead?


Try out something new

Few things feel worse than buying a forklift only to discover that it isn't right for the job you need it for, or that it simply wasn't what you had hoped for when you bought it. Renting a forklift short term affords you the time and finances to better assess your material handling and environmental needs before committing to something more long term. If you are not sure what your exact requirements are, by renting for a few days, you can determine what kind of equipment your warehouse needs and adjust accordingly. To simplify things and help you assess what you are looking for, try asking yourself the following questions?

If you are still unsure, Nexen also offers site evaluations via our sales team whereby one of our representatives can make a detailed analysis of your requirements to find you the best material handling solution from our huge range of products. If you'd like to book a site evaluation, feel free to contact our sales team on 01502 532211.


Short lead times

Sometimes jobs that need material handling equipment can come out of seemingly nowhere. Fortunately, with our ready fleet of trucks for hire, there is no need to brave the lengthy manufacturing period for a new forklift. We will aim to get a forklift to your site as soon as possible to ensure your operation is seamless as and when your business requires. This is particularly useful is there are unexpected peaks in demand of which you are unsure if they will be continuous or short term.

What about once you are done with your forklift? Supplementing your material handling fleet can be extremely helpful in times of high demand but, when the job is done or the demands have decreased, the last thing you want is a forklift that is standing unused in your warehouse that is costing you money. Once the require workload has been completed, you can simply return the truck to us to conclude your hire. It really is as easy as that.



When you arrange to hire a forklift, it is important to consider whether or not you wish to have a servicing package included with your agreement, depending on the operation, frequency of use, and the type of equipment. With regular maintenance and servicing, it is possible to avoid any major downtime and potential repair costs. If you do not have qualified engineers to hand, you can arrange the necessary service requirements alongside the forklift hire to keep your business running and get the most out of your money.

Additionally, regardless of whether you rent or own your forklifts, it is your responsibility that all material handling equipment is subject to a 'Thorough Examination' (LOLER) at pre-determined periods of time, depending on the type of truck and its usage. It is a legal requirement, similar to the MOT on your car, and ensures that your material handling equipment is safe for operation.


Explore the range

When renting forklifts from one of our hire companies, you are not restricted to renting trucks that are currently in production at that time. As with many other manufacturers or suppliers, our hire fleet contains a variety of machines at a wide range of ages and specifications so that our customers have the freedom to choose the forklift that is right for the job at hand and the budget available to them.

What type of forklifts do you hire out?

Through our dealer network, you can rent from our full range of products, including diesel, LPG, and electric 3 & 4 wheel forklifts. Our aim is to ensure we always have something on hand to suit your needs.

What types of hire agreements do you offer?

At Nexen, we offer three types of agreement to suit our customers. Casual hire allows for our customers to hire and return their forklifts flexibly as their demands increase and decrease. This solution is ideal for our customers whose demands are somewhat unpredictable. Alternatively, if our customers need something more long-term, we also offer contract hire agreements anywhere from 3 to 5 years or more, ideal for long periods of high demand. Lastly, if our customers want to hire with the intention of purchasing their forklift at the end of the agreed period, there is the option of lease hire. The main premise of this type of hire is to spread the cost of a new forklift over the period of 5 years, with the forklift then being owned by you thereafter.

What is included with my hire?

This is something that should be agreed with your supplier. Depending on the length of your intended hire period, you may wish to include some servicing to make sure the forklift is kept in good working order. Additionally, if your hire period covers more than 6 months, you will need to check if a Thorough Examination (LOLER) is included in your hire package as this is a legal requirement and you will need to make sure this is kept up to date, even if you do not own the forklift.