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Warehouse Equipment

Our warehouse equipment range contains a wide selection of 'Walk With' and 'Ride On' Warehouse Equipment with capacities up to 3.5t.

For horizontal load transportation we have a large choice of electric pallet trucks from 1 tonne to 3.5 tonne models available. Alternatively for vertical lifting and lowering applications, Nexen stock a wide array of Stackers with the option of standard or mono masts and straddle operation. Stackers are available from 1 tonne to 1.8 tonne lifting capacities.

Our range also features a number of Reach Trucks, Order Pickers and Tow Tractors to meet the specific needs of any warehouse operation.

Pallet Trucks

Nexen pallet trucks are specially designed to handle horizontal transportation ranging from light to heavy duties in both confined and open warehouse environments where driver comfort, reliability and low cost maintenance are key. 

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Nexen offers a wide range of stackers with the option of standard or mono masts and standard or straddle operationergonomically designed for enhanced operation and to provide maximum productivity.

Walk-with and ride-on options are available as well as your choice in battery, mast, and charger.

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Reach Trucks

Nexen reach trucks represent an innovative warehouse handling solution, able to retrieve pallets at greater heights in narrow aisles while maintaining the highest stability, visibility, and maneuverability for the operator.

Reach trucks have been designed to offer excellent acceleration, lift, and braking performance characteristics utilising intelligent technology while improving reliability and reducing maintenance requirements. The advanced AC drive motor has high traction power and driving dynamics whether working on a flat surface or an incline.

Featuring a double braking system to ensure both rapid and short distance responsive braking along with an electromagnetic parking brake for secure braking. LCD fault diagnostic display, available with camera option for enhanced safety and a more preductive operation.

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Order Pickers

Nexen order pickers feature compact design and high maneuverability, providing versatility and high performance in a wide array of inventory management applications across retail, warehousing and distribution. Nexen order pickers have been developed with high ethos on maximising productivity whilst minimising operating costs.

The AC controller offers regenerative braking, this extends operator run times along with the EPS system which gives improved steering response and drivability. Our order pickers feature exceptional stability at height and an integrated mast design delivers strength and easy maintenance without compromising vehicle operation.

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Electric Tow Tractors

Nexen tow tractors are a high performance cost effective solution for line feed operations designed to pull the heaviest of loads making them ideal for numerous industry operations.

Tow tractors offer improved stability and performance with an AC controller that ensures quick driver response with accurate control. The design offers impact protection with spacious driver comfort.

Adjustable steering wheel and ergonomically designed operator compartment gives enhanced driver comfort, featuring easily accessable driver controls and emergency stop button to ensure optimal driver safety. All models come with an automatically engaging parking brake that will work even on inclines to ensure secure parking.

Electro magnetic motor brake with wet discs reduce power consumption and extends the vehicles life per charge.

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