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  • Load capacity: 2000kg
  • Maximum lift height: 115 mm
  • Battery voltage: 24 V
  • Battery capacity: 20 Ah
  • Max speed: 5.2 km/h
  • Warranty: 1 year parts only
  • Best suited indoors

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Nexen's APET20LIN is a new range of Lithium-powered electric pallet trucks developed by Nexen. Compared to more traditional electric pallet trucks, the Lithium pallet truck series has improved durability and stability along with a new aesthetically pleasing design.

The new battery type is quick charging which support 'opportunity charging', perfect for shift work in warehouses and retail environments.


The tiller of the pallet truck has been ergonomically designed with soft grips and big buttons that can be easily reached and is comfortable to operate on a daily basis. A pin-code panel is installed as standard on the back of the tiller head which is ideal for shift work with multiple operators. Alongside this, there is a button that engages and disengages 'turtle mode' which allows for the pallet truck to be driven while the tiller is in the vertical position, providing steady and accurate control when navigating in tight spaces such as warehouse aisles.

An LCD display is installed at the back of the tiller head which provides diagnostic and status information of the APET20LIN including a battery discharge indicator, hour meter, and error codes for troubleshooting.

The lithium pallet truck range is equipped with new maintenance-free lithium batteries with a selection of capacities to suit a variety of applications. With fast-charging and opportunity-charging features supported, the APET20LIN operates just as easily as a hand pallet truck without needing the special care and attention required by standard electric pallet trucks.

The power pallet boasts carrying capacities up to 2000kg and the ability to overcome 4/16% gradients, making it suitable for work on loading docks or during delivery operations.


Designed with structural safety in mind, with full consideration for all applicable operations, the APET20LIN ensures that all operators are safe under all conditions, including when carrying a full load.


Access to all components is easy and convenient with all elements within easy to reach areas, removing the need for specialist tools. No hoses or pipes are used within the hydraulic system which significantly improves the reliability of the pallet truck and removes any potential for leaks or faults.

The APET20LIN is equipped with a maintenance-free Lithium battery and an integrated battery management system which controls all the important parameters and performance of the battery.

Technical Specification

Attribute Units Value
Load centre mm 600
Load capacity kg 2000
Travel speed km/h 5.2
Ground clearance mm 33
Turning radius mm 1336

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