Whatever your material handling or fleet management needs you can count on Nexen by choosing from a comprehensive range of forklift trucks and warehousing equipment.

Nexen products are suitable for handling all different types of palletised or non-palletised loads and applications up to 16 tonnes.

  • The range of counterbalanced forklifts is suited to a multitude of applications including loading/unloading, shuttling and storage of raw materials, finished goods and production materials.
  • Warehouse Equipment: Pedestrian, ride-on and folding platform versions offer users a variety of different options to movie loads both horizontally and vertically over short and long distances.
  • Different wheel/tyre and energy types cater for a full spectrum of indoor and outdoor operating environments.

Our Ranges:

Nexen "Velox" Range The Velox Diesel counterbalanced forklift is suited to a multitude of applications including loading/unloading, shuttling and storage of raw materials, finished goods and production materials.

With load capacities ranging from 1.6 to 5 tonne, different engine, transmission and mast options, the Velox range is the lift truck for all indoor and outdoor operating environments. Design and built in the UK.


Nexen "Aufero" Range The Aufero range contains a wide selection of 'Walk With' and 'Ride On' Warehouse Equipment with capacities up to 3.5t.

For horizontal load transportation we have a large choice of electric pallet trucks from 1 tonne to 3.5 tonne models available. Alternatively for vertical lifting and lowering applications, Nexen stock a wide array of Stackers with the option of standard or mono masts and straddle operation. Stackers are available from 1 tonne to 1.8 tonne lifting capacities.

Our Aufero range also features a number of Reach Trucks, Order Pickers and Tow Tractors to meet the specific needs of any warehouse operation.


Nexen "Attollo" Range From 1.5 tonne to 5 tonne featuring modern styling, a wide choice of masts and the most up to date AC technology with fast operating response. Designed with enhanced operator safety and comfort in mind.

Most models offer LCD programmable diagnostic display and dual drive available on 1.5 tonne to 2 tonne models.

A wide range of models offer versatility of application, maintaining high stability and minimised maintenance.

Choice of quality battery and charger options to suit every requirement


Nexen "Libero" Range This is our mid range heavy duty machines, offering LPG and Diesel powered 1.6 to 7 tonne capacities. Libero range feature a modern styling with a high level of operator comfort and enhanced efficiency, aesthetically in common with the latest Japanese models.

These trucks can feature Japanese transmissions and engines or the option of Korean transmissions. Further options include wet disc brakes, duplex mast, duplex full free lift, triplex full free lift and the option of four cylinders with no centre ram mast for greater driver visibility. 

Offering very competitive pricing with good all round performance and looks to compete with 2nd tier brands.


Nexen "Relevo" Range Traditionally styled 1.6 to 7 tonne LPG and 1.6 to 16 tonne Diesel. The Relevo range has been designed in line with the Nexen ethos of "Ease of Maintenance". 

A market proven, reliable workhorse in all industry applications. Most models offer the option of Japanese engines and transmissions. Maintaining excellent productivity with good stability built to a strict EU standard.

Ideal for the end-user with a limited budget or for lighter use.



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