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Nexen's APSWS10-APSWS12 pedestrian electric straddle stacker is simple to maneuver whilst stacking and lifting goods from low heights thanks to its tough design and maximum control and operator visibility.
The straddle design ensures that the stacker is stable while carrying loads.

Our pedestrian stackers boast incredible reliability and efficiency when transporting loads over short and medium distances, helping to reduce operation costs.



Our ergonomically designed tiller head ensures that all buttons can be reached comfortably and conveniently as well as reducing the steering force required to maneuver the APSWS unit.
A creep speed function has been installed so that, when the tiller is in a near vertical position, the driving speed is automatically decreased which allows for delicate operation in confined spaces, making it perfect for warehouse applications.

The adjustable forks allow for the stacker to carry and transport complicated cargo and pallets of non-standard sizes.


The innovative AC system provides accurate and powerful control with AMP connector wires that greatly reduces the potential of electrical parts failure.
The hydraulic unit utilises a high quality cylinder and hose that is low noise and ensures the reliability of the hydraulic system.

The straddle design enables the stacker to remain stable whilst lifting goods at height.


Access to all key components of the APSWS unit has been simplified by means of loosening four bolts in order to remove the back plate. This, paired with the vertical motor, allows for convenient access for inspection, maintenance, and servicing.
The mast and chassis have been assembled together so that, with our control system, troubleshooting and maintenance has been been easy.

An hour meter and battery indicator have been installed as standard to notify operators of cumulative operation time and remaining battery charge. A low voltage cut-off system is in place to protect the batteries.


The hydraulic system has been designed to prevent the mast from dropping abruptly should the hydraulic pipeline cut off, with multiple lifting limit protection to ensure operator safety.
An emergency disconnector is included as standard to automatically cut off power to the motor should the operator lose control. The long operational tiller keeps the operators at a safe distance and an emergency reverse button protects the operator from potential injury.

An automatic switch lowers the speed of the APSWS unit once the forks reach the setting height. Anti-rolling brakes are standard to prevent the stacker from rolling or skidding while navigating ramps on when not in control.

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