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Our heavy duty APRS12-APRS16 ride-on electric pallet stacker units provide unbeatable performance while driving down operation costs for warehouse operations. The APRS12-APRS16 features a foldable platform with guards for efficient transporting of goods across short to long distances.



Our ergonomically designed tiller enables all buttons to be reached comfortably and conveniently.
The foldable platform is installed as standard and reduces transferred vibration which will help in improving operator comfort when driving. When the platform is folded, the stacker is able to work at lower speeds in confined spaces. The ergonomic and durable protection arm provides ease of operation with an innovative on/off design. When driving, the stacker makes use of a unique floating suspension drive system that provides added comfort to operation and electric power steering for a smoother experience.


Our innovative AC system is designed with excellent performance and powerful, accurate control in mind alongside AMP connector wires and cables that dramatically decrease any instance of failure in electrical components, assuring maximum reliability and up-time.
The hydraulic unit utilises a good quality cylinder and hosing for proven reliability and low noise throughout the hydraulic system.

The chassis and vertical gearbox are designed to be high strength so as to enhance the reliability, durability, and power of the stacker and extend its working life. The floating suspension drive system enables the stacker to remain stable when steering at higher speeds.


Access to key components, including the battery, has been simplified by needing to loosen four bolts in order to remove the back cover. This combined with the vertical motor and maintenance-free AC traction motor means that servicing, maintenance, and inspection has never been more convenient.
An hour meter and battery indicator are installed as standard to inform the operator of cumulative operation time and remaining battery charge.


The safety design of our hydraulic system prevents the mast from dropping abruptly should the hydraulic pipeline cut off alongside multiple lifting limit protections to ensure operator safety.
An emergency disconnector will automatically cut off power to the motor should the operator lose control and an emergency reverse button protects the operator from any instance of injury. Full speed is only accessible on the APRS12-APRS16 when the protection arms are engaged, otherwise the stacker will default to low speed. An automatic switch will also reduce the speed once the forks reach the setting height.

Anti-rolling brakes are installed as standard to prevent the stacker from skidding or rolling whilst navigating ramps or when not in control.

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