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Nexen reach trucks represent an innovative warehouse handling solution, able to retrieve pallets at greater heights in narrow aisles while maintaining the highest stability, visibility, and manoeuvrability for the operator.



Advanced regenerative braking guarantees low energy consumption, improving operation efficiency. The signal processing controller not only reduces the truck response time but improves accuracy during operation.
An advanced configuration model has adapted all AC motors, making the reach truck more efficient and more reliable.

All models are equipped with electric power steering, greatly improving steering action time and making it more user friendly for operators.


The advanced stepping motor improves the body turning and positioning accuracy, enabling the reach truck to be more flexible and therefore suitable for small spaces.
The operator's cabin has a compact yet ergonomic control arrangement, providing a large operating space. The steering wheel is adjustable to suit the needs of the operator and the option of an additional camera is available to improve speed and accuracy of transporting goods.

Our combined roller mast provides high strength with minimal chance of deformation. The 'sliding wheel' mast has a lower height when closed compared to ordinary masts which suits a wider variety of workplaces.


AMP connector wires and cables are included as standard, preventing moisture and other contaminants from disrupting operation in all environments, greatly reducing any chance of failure in electrical components and improving reliability and up time.
The user friendly controls and high strength structure greatly improves the convenience of inspection, maintenance, and servicing.

The Zapi handset provided produces a fault code on the LCD display should a problem arise, helping engineers to diagnose the problem and solve it quickly.


The battery connector is designed with a handle. If necessary, this can be pulled out to cut off power to the motor in an emergency.
After retrieving goods, a one-way speed valve ensures that the goods can be lowered as stably and safely as possible. An electromagnetic brake, motor brake, and hydraulic brake provides three-fold security to prevent it from skidding or rolling, even when navigating inclines, improving service life.

With the mast cylinder installed behind the mast and an elevated operating standing cabin, the APR16 provides unbeatable visibility of the space surrounding the reach truck.

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