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Nexen's APWT18 - APWT25 pallet trucks combine low maintenance, energy efficiency, and durability to deliver powerful and tireless operation.

This fast and responsive model of pallet truck ensures that operators can overcome demanding applications with relative ease and maneuverability making it ideal for intense pallet work and vehicle loading.



Featuring an ergonomic tiller head that enables every button to be comfortably and conveniently reached and a long design with 180 degree rotation range and compact size that greatly decreases the required steering force for easy operation.
The APWT unit responds when the tiller is returned to a near vertical position by automatically decreasing the speed which allows for precise operation in confined spaces.


The innovative AC system provides powerful and accurate operation while the AMP connector and durable electric wires greatly reduce any chance of malfunction of components.
The durable hydraulic unit produces low noise and uses a high quality cylinder and hosing to ensure reliability.

A high strength vertical gearbox, one-time formed forks, and box frame extends the product life-time and provides reliable uptime.


The curved design at the base of the frame prevents foot injury during operations, while the emergency disconnector will cut off the power to avoid incident if control of the pallet truck is lost.
Anti-rolling brakes are used to keep the pallet truck from skidding or rolling while the truck is not being controlled or is navigating ramps.


The hour meter displays cumulative operation time and the battery indicator provides a display of remaining battery power.
Access for battery and component maintenance is easy. Simply remove the back cover by removing two bolts, ideal for inspection and maintenance. Additionally, the vertical motor makes for convenient servicing.

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