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With outstanding maneuverability, control, and operator visibility, the APRT unit is designed to be efficient and durable across all manner of operations working long distances.

Carefully constructed with Nexen technology, the APRT provides comfortable and smooth operation while being versatile, alternating between pedestrian and ride-on modes as the job demands.



The ergonomic design of the tiller head enables all buttons to be reached comfortably and conveniently.
The folding platform reduces vibration to increase operator comfort and the ergonomic armrests guarantee easy operation and good resistance.
A unique suspension drive floating system design and electric power steering ensure smooth and comfortable use.


The innovative drive floating system enables the operator to maintain stability and control whilst steering at high speeds produced by the powerful AC system, offering excellent performance and accurate controls.
The hydraulic unit produces low noise and is notably durable, thanks to a high quality cylinder that ensures the hydraulic system is reliable. This, when paired with the high strength vertical gearbox and box frame, means that product longevity is increased with reliable up-time.


Intelligent design produces two speeds dependent on whether the safety arms are on or off. When off, the APRT unit travels at half speed while having them on enables travel at full speed with an emergency disconnector to cut the power should the operator lose control.
An anti-rolling brake is in place to prevent the pallet truck from skidding or rolling when not in control or navigating ramps. An emergency reverse button is built in to protect the operator from potential injury.


The back cover is removable by simply removing four bolts which provides access to all key components for inspection and maintenance, including the battery. The vertical motor makes inspection and service much more convenient and accessible.
The hour meter and battery indicator notifies the operator of cumulative operation time and remaining battery charge and the low voltage lift cut-off design protects the battery.

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