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Nexen tow tractors are a high performance and cost effective solution to any line feed operations. They are designed to pull the heaviest of loads, making them ideal for industry operations.
Demonstrating excellent manoeuvrability, our tow tractors are dependable and powerful.



The control layout of the APTT60 follows the same configuration at a standard electric forklift, which should make operation feel more convenient and familiar. The layout itself is clear with spacious operating room provided.
A suspension seat and the pedal along with extended support arm improves operator comfort and safety, increasing potential operating time.


Our APTT60 units feature an innovative AC traction system, strong gradeability, and powerful traction that allow them to overcome uneven and otherwise challenging conditions.
AMP connector wires and cables are used as standard to greatly reduce any instance of failure in electrical parts.


Access to all key components has been made simpler and more convenient by needing to loosen four bolts in order to remove the back cover. This, alongside a user-friendly control system for troubleshooting, makes maintenance, servicing, and inspection more convenient and accessible.
An hour meter and battery indicator are included as standard to inform operators of cumulative operation time and remaining battery charge. The AC motor is maintenance free and includes a low voltage lift cut-off design that will protect the battery.


Automatic braking and reverse current braking is engaged when the foot switch is off or when the travel switch is set to neutral. The hydraulic, reverse current, and mechanical brakes are included as standard.
The seat switch helps prevent misoperation.

An emergency disconnector will automatically cut power to the motor should the operator lose control.

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