Nexen Supports Local Company

When Boston Putford Offshore Safety Ltd, required a new innovative, reliable and cost effective fork lift truck they soon decided that the British manufacturer Nexen Lift Trucks was their only choice.

Boston Putford who’s history dates back to the boom day’s of Lowestoft’s fishing industry in 1989 now operates an extensive fleet of support vessels in both the North Sea and further, providing Emergency Response, Supply and Underwater Exploration/Construction services for the offshore oil and gas exploration and production industry.

Mr Peter Mantripp said reliability and after sales support, was a major consideration regarding their Fork Lift Truck purchase, along with Nexen’s very competitive pricing structure for such a highly engineered and quality machine. “We are proud to support British manufacturing”.

Nexen’s premium lift truck the “X” Range consisting of 1-5tonne diesel or LPG internal combustion & 1-5 tonne electric counterbalance lift trucks at their European Head quarters in the east of England where the definition of British engineering is un-mistakably at the heart and soul of this material handlings player. This is why 75% of our UK built machines end up being exported out of the UK.