Models: FDL40 / FDL45 / FDL50s / FDL55
Range: Libero
Fuel: Diesel

Nexen's FDL40-FDL55 diesel counter-balanced forklifts offer quick and easy forklift servicing & maintenance.

Our Libero FDL40-FDL55 series forklift are combined with both durability and ergonomics, providing productivity rivaling other leading forklifts and maintaining comfort for hours of tireless operation. Add friendliness to the environment, simple servicing, efficiency on the job, high standards of safety- its the perfect tool for even the most demanding of applications.


Transmission & Engine

The transmission can be chosen among Okamura and NISSAN with advanced structure and dependable function. Among them, the Okamura transmission adopts advanced float type structure which can achieve a flexible connection between engine and frame, the vibrations of transmission to frame is reduced. The diesel engine provides great power, economical fuel consumption and dependable functions.


Thanks to the long wheelbase design, the longitudal stability of the whole truck is much improved, the hoisting capacity at the same lift height are enhanced by an average of 100kg. At the same time, it prolongs work life of the rear wheels due to the reduced rear axle load.

Increasing the proportion of rigid hydraulic pipes and utilising right angle and straight through connectors reduces the pressure loss of the pipeline, in turn raising the lifting speed of the mast. A 10% speed increase has been noted on average compared with the previous model.

Turning radius and width of right angle stacking aisles are decreased by reducing the dimensions of the whole truck, which in turn can provide better efficiency for your warehouse.


2.0-5.0m duplex mast Auxiliary hydraulic value modules
2.5-4.0m full free duplex mast High mounted exhaust system
4.3-6.5m triplex mast Middle mounted exhaust system
Special carriage and backrest Spark Arrester
Other dimension forks Purified exhaust system
Dual drive wheel with fender Radiator screen
Solid tyres Sideshifter
Non-marking tyre (White/Green) Intergrated sideshifter
Cabin Other Attachment
Heater and Air Condition Fire extinguisher
Semi/Full suspension seat Dual/Special air cleaner
Rear working light  
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