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The distinctive features of the new FBA40-FBA50 4-wheel electric counterbalanced forklifts are the following:

  1. Versatility of use due to compact design and minimal operating space requirements.
  2. Compact dimensions combined with superb maneuverability.
  3. High stability, both when stationary and cornerning due to a long wheelbase, low center of gravity and wide tyres.
  4. Economy of operation resulting from minimized maintenance costs, e.g fully enclosed 3 phase AC synchronous motors with high degrees of efficiency while remaining maintenance free. 


New multi-display employing full dotted LCD is located on the steering column to improve visibility and access to configuration.

Well fitted with convenient functions such as battery level indicator, truck operation records, passwords entry and so on.

While traveling, the LCD displays travel speed and a battery discharge indicator (BDI). While stopped, it displays the clock. The multi-display show appropriate information under various situations.

Curtis made high-frequency controllers incorporate a powerful microprocessor together with MOSFET power electronics. It controls all truck movements precisely with high energy efficiency at low noise level from smooth, sensitive inching to powerful acceleration and regenerative braking. The new controller also offers sophisticated communication facilities and built-in diagnostics to reduce downtime.

All electronics are housed inside the chassis body to protect them from external damage.

Drive Train

Multiple benefits of the AC power system include:

  • Fast response to operating commands
  • Precise Power Control
  • Compact components

Moreover, since the AC motor does not use contactors and brushes, these maintenance items will no longer be required. It also allows for a revolutionary new forklift design and performance so enhanced the operator can actually feel the difference.

Operators Compartment

The following features will be appreciated by operators who have to get on and off the forklift frequently:

  • A low non slip step provides easy and comfortable access to the ergonomically designed compartment as well as a safe exit from the vehicle.
  • The adjustable steering column and drivers seat ensure a comfortable working position.
  • The hydraulic levers can be mounted on either scuttle or beside the battery allowing access from either side.
  • Two strong grab handles are provided.
  • A clear foot well with well placed pedals gives plenty of room for large feet and helps the driver work safely.

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