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  1. Equipped with a world-class hydraulic pack and electric control system providing quick response, accurate control, and excellent power efficiency.
  2. Innovative and maintenance free AC system ensures a longer battery service life.
  3. Imported AC electronic control steering system makes operation comfortable with low noise.
  4. ZAPI motor controller and Bucher oil pump guarantees the stability and maneuverability when lifting, lowering, and travelling.
  5. Comfortable and safe seat reduces strain on the operator.

Operability & Safety

  1. The steering wheel, dashboard, and power switch are compact designed, convenient for the operators.
  2. New compact mast design reduces the overall vehicle height to no more than 2 meters with the front overhand and overall length decreased considerably allowing the unit to maneuver in the tightest of spaces.
  3. Electromagnetic parking break provides braking during deceleration.
  4. There is an emergency plug mounted directly behind the handle lever, simply pull the emergency plug and the truck stops immediately.
  5. Specially designed tubular overhead safeguard, safe and beautiful.
  6. One-piece welding technique used for the battery cover board and frame providing the whole vehicle with a high rigidity.

​Maintenance & Serviceability

  1. Top quality AMP connectors prevent moisture and contaminants from interrupting truck operation in all environments, all wires and cables are protectively fixed, greatly reducing electrical faults.
  2. A well designed layout of drive motor, pump motor, brake pedal, optimised oil pipe arrangement, and easily removable foot rest make it easier to test, repair, and replace during maintenance.
  3. The intelligent programmable LCD display can display fault codes to keep both the operator and service engineer aware of any problems helping to speed servicing and prevent breakdown.
  4. Brushless high reliability and performance AC drive motor and pump motor drastically reduces maintenance and labour times.
  5. The back door design provides convenient access for clearing, inspection, and maintenance.
  6. Sideway battery and roller-bearing battery box design makes it easier for the operator to replace the battery.
  7. Brake oil cup is arranged right above the brake, convenient for inspection and adding brake oil.


  1. Battery is optional
  2. Mast type is optional, meeting different industry demands
  3. Sideshift is optional.

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