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Drive Motor

  1. Advanced AC rear driving motor has high traction power and driving dynamics, whether on uneven ground or inclines.
  2. Dust and water jet protection
  3. Maintenance free and highly efficient AC motors guarantee a long battery operating life.
  4. Two independant heavy duty drive gears are constantly lubricated in an oil bath, providing quiet operation and years of trouble free service.

AC Driving Controller

  1. Regenerative braking increases the useful time of battery.
  2. AC technology on traction and lifting allows the truck to work more reliably and for longer shifts.
  3. The intelligent programmable LCD display can display fault codes to keep both the operator and service engineer aware of any problems helping to speed servicing and prevent breakdown.


  1. Maintenance free braking system makes braking safe and comfortable.
  2. Motor brake for regenerative braking during acceleration.
  3. Automatically engaging parking brake for secure stopping even on inclines.
  4. Long service life wet disc brake.


  1. Powerful hydraulic motor provides high torque for rapid but smooth lifting and lowering.

Steering System

  1. The main hydraulic pump delivers on-demand power steering when requested to maintain low battery consumption.
  2. Two drive motors match to the controller to deliver smooth steering at all angles, this helps the truck accelerate, turn and manoeuvre even from a full turn start position.


  1. High strength steel mast sections with combined mast rollers are specially constructed for low mast deflection and high rigidity.
  2. Cylinders are placed behind the rails to maintain a wide viewing angle.
  3. Flow limiting control valves regulate carriage lowering speed even in the event of a hose failure.
  4. Full I-Section mast channels provide maximum strength.

Operability & Safety

  1. Spacious driving room.
  2. Steering wheel can be adjusted over a large angle to suite the operator requirement.
  3. Real driving motor steering system offers great maneuverability especially in a tight spaced application.
  4. An ergonomically designed control lever, made closer to the operator for easy operation.
  5. Well arranged instrumentation provide the operator with clear observations while driving.
  6. Large pedal space, long and well positioned handrails ensure the operator can climb in and out easily and safely.
  7. Spacious and comfortable seat with a buffering function.
  8. Large arc rear view mirror provides a wide viewing angle.
  9. Wide view through mast increases operation efficiency.
  10. Emergency button situated close to the operators hand allowing the machine to be immediately shut off.
  11. Safety switch built into the seat will automatically stop the machine when the operator leaves the seat.


  1. A well designed layout of drive motor, pump motor, brake pedal, optimized oil pipe arrangement and easily removable foot rest make it easier to test, repair and replace during maintenance.
  2. Sideways battery extraction as standard ensures battery changing to be simple and efficient. Built-in roller bed and easily removed side frame cover allow fast easy battery handling and changing for multi-shift operations.
  3. Easy access to brake fluid reservoir for replenishment when necessary.
  4. Brushless high reliability and performance AC drive motor drastically reduces maintenance and labor times.
  5. Top quality AMP connectors prevent moisture and contaminant from interrupting truck operation in all environments, all wires and cables are protectively fixed greatly reducing electrical faults.
  6. Tool-less foot board removal makes it easy to check motor and other components.

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