The Nexen X-Range lift trucks provide maximum reliability thanks to:

  • The rugged drive train which has been designed to reduce stress on components
  • Our modulated power reversal provides smoother directional changes to eliminate shock loading and extend the life of both the clutch packs and tyres
  • Our fully isolated drive train which minimises vibration
  • The Oil Cooled Disc Brake System which can extend brake life by 10 times that of conventional drum brakes thus reducing operating costs
  • Our hydraulic systems
  • The advanced control systems and on-board diagnostics which ensure continued performance for the life of the truck
  • Our individual heavy duty aluminium core cooling radiators and transmission oil coolers, together with optimised cooling paths, that are coupled with a highly efficient pusher fan to provide maximum cooling, enabling continuous work even in the hottest environments
  • The LCD Smart Dash instrument panel which gives clear information and precise diagnostic information
  • The cushion mounted Nexen hydrostatic steer axle which provides a strong and reliable solution requiring minimal onsite maintenance