Extensive studies have shown that driver comfort leads to savings in operating costs and increased safety.

A key area targeted in the design of the X-Range was operator comfort. An operator who is comfortable in his working environment will achieve noticeably higher productivity with greater safety due to lack of fatigue.

Testing has revealed that the X-Range is easier and more comfortable to operate than leading competitor's machines, which will significantly reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity through superior operator comfort, effortless operation, and ease of entry and exit.

To address this, we have increased the operators comfort by:

  • Reducing driver fatigue with low noise levels at the operators ear
  • Minimising vibration with an isolated drive train and fully isolated vibration mounted driver cell
  • Providing an adjustable steering column, small diameter steering wheel and full suspension seat
  • Providing a flat floor design of the operator compartment & exceptionally low step height
  • Providing an adjustable armrest to accompany the full suspension seat
  • Optimising operator space with a modern overhead guard and improved leg room
  • Providing an optional swing out LPG bracket to simplify bottle changes and reduce operator effort